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Great Yorkshire Show 2014

Considered to be one of the top agricultural shows in the country, the 2014 Great Yorkshire Show boasted a fine selection of Dorset sheep. Although entries were slightly smaller than last year, quality remained unaffected, even under adverse showing conditions! Although the weather looked promising, as Dorset judging got underway in the afternoon, the clouds broke and monsoon conditions followed. Judge for the day, Mr Iolo Davies, was undeterred by the rain and efficiently examined and placed the sheep presented to him.

Taking the Open Class Supreme and Male Champion was Karen Hodgson’s senior ram, a Hilltop bred ram, being a strong contender from the out this was no surprise. The Reserve Male position also went to the Hodgson’s Marren flock with their ram lamb ‘Islaharnan Unique’, winner of the Ram Lamb class. Taking the judges eye and becoming Female Champion was Alec Steff’s Shearling ewe ‘Sherborne Tangerine’, already shown this season with success. She beat another entry from the Steff stable, a Sandy Lane bred aged ewe which won the adult ewe class and Edwin Pococks’s smart homebred ewe lamb. In the Northern Dorset Breeders Club classes, which are only open to exhibitor bred sheep from members of the club. Edwin Pocock’s strong homebred Hall Lane ram lamb, who is to become a stock ram in the flock took the Male Championship. Female and Supreme Championship was awarded to Karen Hodgson for her ewe that topped the female class. This success rounded off an excellent day for Karen taking Supreme Champion in the open class and Supreme Champion in the club classes.

We would like to thank Iolo, for taking the time to travel and making an excellent job of judging. Unfortunately he returned home laden with a lot of Yorkshire water! Thanks also to the exhibitors for making the time and effort to attend the show with quality stock. There’s no better shop window for the breed and interest is growing constantly.


Supreme and Male Champion from K Hodgson, Reserve and Female Champion from Alec Steff.

Great Yorkshire Show Open Class Results

Judge Mr I Davies.


Mrs K Hodgson (Aged Ram)

Reserve Champion

Alec Steff (Shearling ewe)

Shearling Ram or Over

1st Mrs K Hodgson

2nd Mr D Eglin

3rd Mr A Steff

Ram Lamb

1st Mrs K Hodgson

2nd Mr A Steff

3rd Mr E Pocock

4th Mr D Eglin

5th Mr E Pocock

Adult Ewe

1st Mr A Steff

2nd Mrs K Hodgson

3rd Mr D Eglin

Shearling Ewe

1st Mr A Steff

2nd Mr D Eglin

3rd Braithwaite and Odgers

4th Mrs K Hodgson

Gimmer Lamb

1st Mr E Pocock

2nd Mrs K Hodgson

3rd Mr D Eglin

4th Mr E Pocock

5th Mr A Steff

6th Braithwaite & Odgers

Group of Three

1st Mr E Pocock

2nd Mr A Steff

3rd Mr D Eglin

Great Yorkshire Show, Northern Dorset Breeders Club Classes (open to exhibitor bred sheep from NDBC members)

Judge Mr I Davies


Mrs K Hodgson (Ewe)


Mr E Pocock (Ram Lamb)

NDBC Female Class

1st Mrs K Hodgson (Ewe)

2nd Mr D Eglin (Shearling ewe)

3rd Mrs K Hodgson (Shearling ewe)

4th Mrs K Hodgson (Ewe Lamb)

NDBC Male Class

1st Mr E Pocock (Ram Lamb)

2nd Mr A Steff (Ram Lamb)

3rd Mr D Eglin (Ram Lamb)

4th Mr A Steff (Aged Ram