Northern Dorset Breeders Club

The only sheep breed that can and will, lamb naturally out of season

Otley Show Results 2017


CHAMPIONWharfedale Trophy
Sam Driver – Shearling Ram

Sam Driver – Aged Ewe

Interbreed Wool Champion

Alec Steff

1st Sam Driver
2nd S M & J E Gray
3rd Mrs C Gardiner

RAM Shearling or over
1st Sam Driver
2nd A Steff
3rd A Steff

Gimmer Lamb
1st S M & J E Gray
2nd S M & J E Gray
3rd Sam Driver
4th Alec Steff

FEMALE Shearling or Over
1st Sam Driver (Aged Ewe)
2nd Sam Driver (Shearling Ewe)
3rd R Fitton
4th R Fitton