Northern Dorset Breeders Club

The only sheep breed that can and will, lamb naturally out of season



This year’s AGM is to be held on the evening of Friday 26th of August at the Pennington Hotel, Ravensglass, Cumbria at 6.00pm, followed by dinner at 8.00pm, rooms have been reserved at a rate of £150 for a double or twin dinner, bed and breakfast or £110 for a single. Anyone requiring a room please could you send a deposit cheque for £25 per room payable to NDBC, there are a limited number reserved and they are filling quickly so it is important you reply if you wish to be guaranteed a room

We have also arranged a judges day, this will be hosted by Brian and Cathryn Muncaster at Thornbank Farm, Gosforth, Cumbria. The event will take place on Saturday 27th August, the Saturday following the Carlisle sale, David Rossiter will be our master judge for the day. This event will be open to all association members as well as our own members.