Northern Dorset Breeders Club

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Chelford Show & Sale 2015 - Documents



Registered stock (only) will be inspected for health, teeth and testicles between 9am and 10am. All registered sheep must therefore be penned by 9.30am.

Any registered animals which do not reach the inspection standard will not be eligible for the show or sale and must be removed from their pens immediately.

All sheep entered as registered must have their ears tattooed or tagged with the flock and individual numbers. These will be checked at the inspection and any not so identified will be deemed to be unregistered.

All vendors of MV accredited sheep must send a copy of the accreditation certificate with their entry forms. The relevant MV, pedigree and Genotype certificates must be handed in to the auctioneers prior to the sale.

All sheep must be lot numbered before entering the market.

Show to commence at 11.00am. All vendors are permitted to exhibit in the show classes. They are limited to two entries in each class which must be exhibitor bred and society registered.

Show classes (no entry fee)

  • Best Ewelamb
  • Best Shearling Ewe
  • Champion Female
  • Best Ram lamb
  • Best Shearling Ram
  • Champion Male
  • Supreme Champion
  • Best pen of 5 Females Please note – club membership is limited to breeders living in the North of England and Scotland****Vendors are limited to 2 ram entries. 5 females per 1 male entry must be received and presented for sale. (5% to auctioneers, 1% NDBC). The upset price on all rams will be 250gns.Sheep will be accepted on Friday 7th August 2015 from 2pm to 7pm and from 7am on the day of sale. If you intend to arrive on the Friday please inform the Marshalls accordingly onThe NDBC contact is Edwin Pocock: 0114 2364761
  • 01625 861122
  • All sheep will be sold in catalogue order in guineas with a commission rate of 6%
  • NDBC members may present 1 male without 5 accompanying females. The 2nd male must be accompanied by 5 females.
  • Club members who are first time vendors can enter their stock FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Sale to commence at 1.30pm and is open to MV, non accredited, registered, unregistered, cross bred females and non home bred animals of all ages. Sale sheep will be accepted from all Dorset breeders whether or not they are club or national association members.
  • Rosettes and prize money provided by NDBC

Ram entry form

continuation form ram

Female entry form

continuation form ewe

female pens